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EU Projekt PMinter

5th Newsletter EU-Project PMinter

Dear Mr/Ms ,

The PMinter project has entered its final stage; it will end on 31 December 2013.

The international final conference of the PMinter project will be held in Maribor, Slovenia, on September 18 and 19, 2013. The project partners from Slovenia and Austria are going to present the results of their work, and there will also be lectures by speakers and experts from other European countries.

We would like to invite you to attend the international final conference of the PMinter project. In this newsletter you will find the invitation, the conference programme, a registration form as well as abstracts of the presentations to be held at the conference.

Further on we present in this newsletter the 2nd PMinter Information Folder.

We wish you an enjoyable read and look forward to seeing you in Maribor.

With "FEIN! Staub-frei" greetings,

The city councilor Mag.a Andrea Wulz
Political referent of the Department of Environment

Dr. Wolfgang Hafner
Head of the Department of Environment of the state capital Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Invitation, Program and Registration form
for the International Conference of the project PMinter

Invitation (PDF)
Programm (Word)
Registration form (Word)

Air Quality in Maribor – why additional measurements?
Abstract Institute of Public Health Maribor, Slovenia

abstract _IPH Maribor_Lukan_E (Word)

Fine Dust (PM10) and Benzo(a)Pyrene (B(a)P) in Carinthia
Abstract Office of the Carinthian Government, Austria

abstract_Ktn.Lreg._Heimburger_E (Word)

Source apportionment of Black Carbon and Carbonaceous Matter
Abstract Aerosol d.o.o., Slovenia

abstract_Aerosol_Mocnik_E (Word)

Macrotracer Model for Fine Dust Source Mapping (PM10) at 7 PMinter Air Quality Measuring Stations (February 2011)
Abstract TU Vienna ( Anne Kasper-Giebl), Austria

abstract_TU Wien_Kasper_Giebl_E (Word)

Chemical Composition of PM10 from Small-Scale Combustion Plants – Factors for the Macrotracer Model
Abstract TU Vienna ( Magdalena Kistler), Austria

abstract_TU Wien_Kistler_E (Word)

PM Emission measurements at biomass small-scale combustion plants in Carinthia, Southern Styria and Slovenia
Abstract TU Graz (Dr. Thomas Brunner), Austria

abstract_TU Graz_Brunner_E (Word)

PMinter Air Quality Simulations - A New Holistic Approach
From basic data to emissions up to dispersion taking into consideration local/regional/long-distance transport & air chemistry
Abstract TU Graz (Dr. Ulrich Uhrner), Austria

abstract_TU Graz_Uhrner_E (Word)

Preparation ot the Air Quality Management Plan for Maribor
Abstract Municipality of Maribor, Slovenia

abstract_MOM_E (Word)

Pilot Environmental Zone in Maribor
Abstract University of Maribor, Slovenia

abstract_UNI Marburg_E (Word)

Fine Dust Free Klagenfurt? Measures for the Reduction of Air Pollution in the State Capital Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
Abstract Municipality of the City of Klagenfurt, Austria

abstract_Magistrat Klagenfurt_Hafner_E (Word)

The Styrian clean air program 2011 –
Measures to improve air quality
Abstract Styrian Government, Austria

abstract_Stmk.Lreg._Pongratz_E (Word)

2nd Information Folder PMinter

PMinter_2_Druckversion_final_E (pdf)


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