Project Aims


Main aim

The overall objective of PMinter is to develop methodologies and measures plans that allow for a sustainable improvement of air quality in Klagenfurt / lower Carinthia, southern Styria and Maribor / northern Slovenia to reduce stress risks for the residents of the affected regions. The acquisition of relevant sources and precursors within the target region developed through the use of the project and on local and regional level adapted tools and the use of more efficient regional and local AQMPs and compliance of PM10, PM2.5 and NO2 limit values ​​in air quality policy should be achieved.

4 Subgoals

Clarification of the unknown sources of the high PM10-background levels and improvement of the knowledge of PM source contributions at different scales

The following scientific questions are addressed:

- Impact of PM10 and PAH from residential heating
- The impact of the sheltering effect of street canyons
- The impact of secondary aerosols on
- Cross-border transport of air pollutants within the project-region as well as the in-/ outflow to/ from other European regions

Establishing of a regional problem orientated multiscale model system for air quality covering the Austrian-Slovenian border regions.

A new micro scale – regional scale chemistry model considering cross-border and long-range transport of pollutants will be developed by TU Graz and en extrernal scientific institution. The »sheltering effect« of street canyons on traffic emissions as well as the exchange with domestic heat emissions released from chimneys will be assessed.

Development and implementation of new AQMPs (Air Quality Management Plans)

AQMPs will be evaluated by using the new models demonstrations of existing AQMPs. Depending on the results of the demonstration activities the AQMP will be adopted, future scenarios are calculated. Finally, the results are new AQMPs for Klagenfurt-Carinthia, Southern Styria and Maribor- Northern Slovenian with concrete measures how to improve air quality and meet the PM10-, PM2.5- and NO2 limit values of the Air Quality Directive. The AQMP will consider the necessity of the reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2-emissions), NO2, PAH and Ozone as well. There should be no more contradiction between air quality and climate change strategies (e.g. caused by the use of biomass). First important measures will already be implemented within the project. The local and regional AQMPs would be a good basis for AQMPs in other Slovenian and Austrian regions which tackle similar problems.

Public awarness raising

The project will raise citizens and administrations awarness about environmental protection, climate protection and the need of transnational neighbouring approaches and collaboration. Policy makers at the different levels will be informed about the project results. It is expected that there will be an impact on future laws to improve air quality at regional, national and EU-wide level.