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EU Projekt PMinter

1st Newsletter of EU project PMinter

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This newsletter will regularly inform you about the progress, results, issues, events etc. of the Interreg project PMinter. We have taken the liberty to send you our first issue since you are already subscribed to SPAS and CMA+ newsletters. If you are not interested in the newsletter, please go to the menu item "Abmelden" (Unsubscribe) and you will not receive it anymore. We hope this will not be necessary and you will remain a loyal member of "FEIN! Staub-frei" (Particle free) community.

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City Council Mag.a Andrea Wulz
Political Referent of the Department of Environment

Dr. Wolfgang Hafner
Head of the Department of Environment
Municipality of the capital Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Project Presentation

The primary goal of PMinter is to improve the air quality with the focus on PM (particulate matter) in Klagenfurt - southern Carinthia, southern Styria and Maribor -northern Slovenia in order to reduce the health risks for the residents of the regions. Additionally the limit values of PM10, PM2.5 and NO2 need to meet compliance with Air Quality Directive.

PMinter project started in July 2010 and will last until the end of June 2013.
It has a total budget of € 2.5 million of which 85 % is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and 15 % from own resources and national co-financing.

Project description

Projekt Team

The city of Klagenfurt is the Lead Partner and the overall coordination is in the hands of the Environmental Department of Municipality of Klagenfurt. The department has a role of a project manager and with its experience in previous EU projects and the specific know-how contributes a lot concerning the development and implementation of plans for cleaner air in the cities.

The objectives of PMinter are assured to be achieved with an interdisciplinary team of six project partners from Carinthia, Styria and Slovenia.

Project Partners

Project Objectives

The overall objective of PMinter is to significantly improve air quality in Klagenfurt - Lower Carinthia, Southern Styria and Maribor - Northern Slovenia to lower the risks of exposure for the inhabitants of the involved regions.

Sources of air pollution and their precursors within the target region will be determined. Site adapted tools that were developed within the project and also use of efficient AQMPs (Air Quality Management Plans) and compliance of PM10, PM 2.5 and NO2 limit values of the Air Quality Directive should be achieved. In total there are 4 sub-goals.

Project Aims

Work Packages

Different key activities are carried out to achieve the project goals (divided in work packages) that will be implemented by the project partners.

Work Packages

Air Quality Measurements

In Klagenfurt, southern Styria and Marburg measurements of air quality and meteorological parameters are needed to determine sources of pollution., evaluating their impacts on the still unidentified background for validation and calibration of air quality models and ultimately to measure the effects of demonstration activities in real time.

Powerpoint-Presentation Gerhard Heimburger, Provincial Government of Carinthia
Powerpoint-Presentation Thomas Pongratz, Styrian Government
Word-Document Benjamin Lukan,Public Health Institute Maribor

Air Quality Modeling

Within the project PMinter WRF / Chem (Weather Research and Forecasting Model with Chemistry) will be used for the regional air quality modeling (more information about WRF / Chem:

Test cases were simulated to assess the performance of the model. On the following link, information about the setup as well as figures of results of a test case can be found.

pdf_TU Graz_pminter-homepage

Establishment of an environmental zone in Maribor

For the city of Marburg, a plan for establishment of environmental zones is designed. At the same time the impact on air quality will be tested and evaluated in a pilot environmental area in the city center and in the old Drava Bridge area.

Word-Document Branke Trcek,University of Maribor

Public relations

Citizens are kept informed of particulate matter sources, effects and measures on various informational days, in person by citizen information office and media – project homepage and info folders.

Current project folder and the homepage are both available in English, German and Slovenian.



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