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EU Projekt PMinter

4th Newsletter EU-Project PMinter

Dear Mr/Ms ,

The PMinter project is now in it´s third and last year, we are near completion of our aims and milestones. The 4th edition of the PMinter newsletter presents some of the results and activities during the past few months.

We hope you enjoy reading of the newsletter.

With "FEIN! Staub-frei" greetings,

The city councilor Mag.a Andrea Wulz
Political referent of the Department of Environment

Dr. Wolfgang Hafner
Leiter der Abteilung Umweltschutz
Head of the Department of Environment of the state capital Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Additional measuring stations in the pilot environmental zone

Since the beginning of October the pilot environmental zone is implemented in the Municipality of Maribor with the intention to reduce the air pollution with PM10, NOx and O3 resulting from the road traffic and to change the old habits of people who still prefers to come into the city centre by car.

Measuring stations (DOCX, EN)


Chemical characterisation of particulate matter (PM10) and source contributions at three air quality measurement stations in Carinthia

Chemical characterisation was performed for particulate matter (PM10) sampled on quartz fibre filters between 28 January und 28 February 2011, as well as at 21 and 22 July 2011. Seven air quality measurement Stations in Styria, north Slovenia, and Carinthia were chosen. PM10 concentrations were measured gravimetrically in the laboratories of project partners and then the filters were transferred to the Institute of Chemical Technology and analytics of the TU Vienna. Components as soot (EC), organic carbon (OC), inorganic ions and anhydrosugars were analysed in all samples. Other source markers, as HULIS (humic like substances), aluminium and aerosol water were determined only in 10 selected samples (including summer samples). The results of the complete set of chemical analyses were applied to a simple macrotracer model in order to calculate the contribution of different PM10 sources, which accounted for 90% of PM10, regarding winter samples. For the Carinthian stations (Klagenfurt Völkermarkter Straße, Klagenfurt Ost (Limmersdorf) and Ebenthal – Zell) the results indicate a high contribution of two types of winter sources as main contributors to elevated PM10 concentrations. The highest contribution was observed for secondary inorganic aerosol (sulphates and nitrates) with a considerable part of long-range transport aerosols. This source was followed closely by a regional source – wood combustion. Further sources with significantly lower contributions were mineral dust, traffic and secondary organic aerosols.

Kurzbericht TU Wien (PDF, DE)

New results AQ- & MET-Measurements Carinthia

The „ AQ- and MET-Measurement“ report reg. WP3 shows in addition to the position and metrological equipment also for example some results from specific air pollutants (PM10, NO2, B(a)P, and NH3) in a graphic chart. Those diagrams show the courses of the years and the annual variance with the winter maxima of PM10, NO2, B(a)P and the codomain from the air pollutants. The annual NH3-measurements (with passive collectors) are used to estimate the production from secondary aerosols and shows especially the higher concentrations on the reference location (including some pig breeding farms in striking distance). The remaining points of measurement rather reflect the spacious background.

Presentation AQ- and MET-Measurements (PDF, EN)

The effect of reduced ammonia and reduced nitrogen oxide emissions on PM10 – first results from sensitivity studies on the regional scale

A major goal of PMinter is to specify the so-called background. Here you can see first results from sensitivity studies on the regional scale.

TU Graz (DOC, EN)


Measurement data gained by chimney sweepers

To gain additional practical experiences regarding PM emissions dust, the chimney sweeper in the project regions have been equipped with newly developed fine dust measurement devices from Vereta GmbH, Germany.

Beitrag TU Graz_IPPT_D_E (DOC, DE+EN)
Abbildung zum Newsletter IPPT (PPT)


Event this year

International Conference of the project PMinter

18th and 19th of September 2013
Maribor, Slovenia

Invitation PMinter conference (JPG, EN)

Online Form is expected to be on the PMinter Homepage in April 2013.


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